Hi! I'm Mikel - a 30-something wife, working professional, and dog-mom of two. Planning parties and hosting is one of my favorite hobbies -- so much so that I'd call myself an "expert party enthusiast," even though I've never worked in the industry. I'm also passionate about music, theater, art, and travel (thanks to my day job I've been fortunate to see much of the world - even lived overseas for a while).


For as long as I can remember, I've been deeply moved and inspired by those who make the extra effort to create celebratory moments or make their guests feel special. The women in my family excel at this... Chief among them stands my mom, Deannie. Moments like waking up to heart-shaped pancakes and handmade valentines on February 14th, or coming home to a congratulatory candy poster after a grade-school audition, keep my memories brimming with the warmth and joy she created, even though she's no longer with us. 

HostLuv is dedicated to Mom, and to every one of you who inspires and creates -- opening up your home to make moments special. 


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This is a hobby website - and a pretty small operation at that.

I have zero interest in collecting or sharing your data. 


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